Collaborators. Creators. Cultivators.

Collection of Collections offers creative solutions through design. We are passionate about sharing the value of design and discovering design in everything - from gardening to grocery stores, logos to urban landscapes. Our team brings together a unique set of skills ideal for collaboration.

With over 12 years experience in visual art, project management, marketing, art administration, and production we provide clients with an intentional approach to their creative needs. Whether you’re looking for a logo rebrand or curation of your space, we can help you achieve your creative goals. We enjoy making things with our hands, connecting traditional with unconventional, growing ideas, digging deeper, and exploring new possibilities.

Beyond the work we do for clients, we create our own in-house collectibles based on our interests in art, design, culture, community, and nature.

When we're not in the studio, we are cultivating our garden, growing food, and designing our own botanical ecosystems. To learn more about the Black experience with plants take a journey through our beloved project - Black People with Plants by visiting:



Amateur florist + avid dancer.


Urban farmer + culture enthusiast.

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Our Services

Collection of Collections provides a wide-range of creative services both online and offline.

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Small Emerging Business Development (SEBD) Certified

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