Black People with Plants

When we're not in the studio, we are cultivating our garden, growing food, and designing our own botanical ecosystem. To learn more about the black experience with plants take a journey through our beloved project - Black People with Plants by visiting

This project's focus and intention is to share historical facts about black people in agriculture + gardening, highlight personal plant connections, and represent black communities + their plants. 

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On January 28, 2019 we debuted the logo for Black People with Plants. It took 2 years of intentional planning, several re-designs, many days spent conspiring while digging in the dirt, and a lot of research.

The logo incorporates a flower, sun, Black Power fist, and roots. The roots honor our past, our ancestors who were captured and brought against their will to a foreign land to till the soil. They are our foundation. The fist is the present, the bridge between the past and future. A symbol of strength, unity, and our continued fight. The flower is the future, the blossoming of our hard work not only for us but for future generations. The circle symbolizes the sun and the continuous cycle of Black people sharing knowledge, skills, lessons, and love of the land.

In true designer fashion, we wanted to find a way to tie this logo to our studio logo. Thus the circle, shapes, and hard, simple lines and angles. You can also take a glimpse of our style guide sheet below.

Black People with Plants_Collection of Collections-01.png